Hi, I'm Susan Wilson

Founder of Hidden Gem Travel Consulting

April 2007. Toledo, Spain. 

My youngest son is racing through every sword shop on the street, the biggest grin spread across his face.

My oldest son is haggling with street vendors—in Spanish!—for trinkets, growing his language skills in real time.

My husband is savoring every delicious bite of tapas and swig of vino at the bustling outdoor cafe. 

And me? I’m just in awe that a single place could enthrall us all. It was the perfect trip—balanced between relaxation and exploration, between iconic sites and stumbled-upon surprises. 

And I had this trip in mind when I founded Hidden Gem Travel Consulting.

I want to help my clients find blissful balance on their own vacations —
vacations tailored to their unique interests and needs.

Because a hidden gem is highly personal.

One traveler’s buzzing outdoor market in Provence—or sword shop in Toledo!—is another’s hushed temple in Bali. My goal is to tap into my network of exclusive travel partners and my own extensive personal travel experience to design an itinerary that wows your entire family.

My other goal?

To become your partner for better travel.

I’ve built my entire career around fostering relationships—from working in Human Resources to facilitating corporate partnerships for non-profits.

And I believe a relationship is the missing piece to travel that enriches.

Every single trip. When we work together, I’ll dig beyond your next journey. Instead, we’ll strategize your bucket list, so you can look forward to a lifetime of uncovering hidden gems, with the people who matter most to you. 

In fact, I like to think of myself as my clients’ own hidden gem—
their secret for more effortless travel, more luxurious inclusions, and more moments that wow them.

So go ahead, leave it all to me.

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