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Happy Thursday Hidden Gem Travel community! We find ourselves in the hottest days of the summer, and as you know, the news has been covering the high temperatures across the US and internationally on a daily basis. Of course, it’s also peak travel season so thinking ahead about ways to beat the heat while you’re touring Rome or even Tokyo is key.

First, I’ll share a personal story from last June when I was in Greece. I had a private guide for the day for an amazing tour of the island of Santorini. The sun was bright, the heat considerable, and I was excited to see as much as possible since I send many clients to the Greek Islands. 

While walking around the crowded but uniquely gorgeous area called Oia (pronounced ee-ah), I started to feel overheated and dizzy. Luckily, my guide found a cool place to stop and get a cold drink. Interestingly, a bottle of Coca-Cola (which I don’t normally drink) did the trick in addition to chilled water and time out of the sun.

When you’re packing for a summer trip where you expect it to be hot, consider bringing or buying the following items:

  • Reusable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated at all times
  • Summer hat (I bought a straw hat in Athens with a wide brim)
  • Chilly Towels (found on Amazon)
  • Clothing that breathes like linen (or is wicking) and is loose not tight on the body
  • Hand-held fans (battery-powered or traditional)

If you start to feel unwell like I did, stop and take a break. A cold drink – and it’s your vacation so an ice cream or gelato is always a good idea – and resting in the shade if you can’t get into air conditioning will help you reset. You might also return to your hotel and venture back outdoors in the early evening – and/or get up and out as early as possible the next morning.

Travel Mindset – Spirit of Adventure

While we’re on the topic of preparing for summer travel, I recommend heading into your trip with a spirit of adventure mindset. While the ideal is a seamless trip, things can happen that are unexpected, some delightful and some less so. Besides weather, local conditions and requirements can change, and labor shortages are still a challenge coming out of Covid. These and other things can affect the flow of a vacation. Expecting the unexpected and embracing the spirit of adventure is the best mindset for travel. Live in the moment and enjoy the experience – you will be back in the comfort of your home and relishing your memories sooner than you realize.

Wishing you and your family happy travels,


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