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Hidden Gem Travel Consulting, LLC Terms & Conditions


Hidden Gem Travel Consulting is acting solely as an agent for suppliers in selling travel-related services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services that are not directly supplied by this travel agency (such as air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, cruises, etc.).  Hidden Gem Travel Consulting (including its owners, directors, officers, employees and agents, collectively “Affiliates”), therefore, is not responsible for breach of contract or any intentional, negligent or careless actions or omissions on part of such suppliers, which may result in any loss, damage, delay or injury to you or your companions or group members.  

Unless the word “guaranteed” is specifically stated in writing on our tickets, invoice, or reservation itinerary, we do not guarantee any of such suppliers’ rates, booking, reservations, connections, scheduling or handling of personal effects.  Price quotes are applicable to the date and time at which they are requested. Quotes in foreign currency are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and international credit card issuer fees. Hidden Gem Travel Consulting is not responsible for increases due to fuel surcharges, government-imposed taxes/fees or supplier-imposed increases.  

Hidden Gem Travel Consulting (including its Affiliates) is not responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses caused to any traveler in connection with terrorist activities, social or labor unrest, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside of Hidden Gem Travel Consulting’s control.  

For information concerning possible dangers at international destinations, contact the travel advisory section of the U.S. State Department website: https://www.state.gov/travelers/ (202) 647-5225.  For medical information, contact the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel (404) 332-4559.  

Traveler assumes complete and full responsibility for and hereby releases Hidden Gem Travel Consulting from any duty of checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of each destination, and all safety and security conditions of such destinations during the length of the proposed travel.  Travelers who do not meet advised requirements will be denied boarding.  

Valid passports are required for all international itineraries and most cruises.  If a passport is required to travel, the expiration date must be at least six (6) months following the return date of the planned travel.  

It is the traveler’s responsibility to make certain that they have proper immunizations before travel.  Please see your health provider for advice. Further, personal medical insurance coverage may not extend beyond certain geographical boundaries. Contact your insurance provider for plan details.  Supplemental medical insurance coverage can be obtained through Hidden Gem Travel Consulting.  

Each foreign country holds different views of past criminal offenses.  If you or anyone in your traveling group has a current or past offense, please contact that country directly for entry and exit requirements.  Travelers with DUI or DWI offenses should check whether current rules exclude admission to foreign destinations. For further information visit the U.S. State Department website: https://www.state.gov/travelers/.

By embarking upon his/her travel, the traveler voluntarily assumes all risks involved in such travel whether expected or unexpected.  The traveler is hereby warned of the above risks as well as possible travel industry bankruptcies and medical and climatic disruptions and is advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage against certain of them which is available at an extra cost through this travel agency and will be offered after a deposit is made.  

It is strongly recommended that travelers check-in a minimum of 2 hours prior to a scheduled departure for domestic flights and 3 hours prior to scheduled departure for international flights.  It is the traveler’s responsibility to reconfirm flights times at least 24 -72 hours prior to scheduled flights. Hidden Gem Travel Consulting will not assume responsibility for any air or schedule changes.  Certain countries require departure taxes that require payment in cash. Recommended check-in times are subject to change without notification. It is the traveler’s responsibility to remain abreast of changes in condition or airport rules that might require earlier arrival times.  This information can be found when entering your confirmation number on the airline website.  

Traveler’s retention of tickets, reservations, or bookings after issuance constitutes consent to the above and an agreement on his/her part to convey the contents hereto to his/her travel companions or group members.  

You acknowledge and accept that there are cancellations policies, change fees and penalties that apply to your travel plans and services as set by travel suppliers.  You are aware that airline tickets may be subject to the loss of some or all of the fare, should you elect to change or cancel the reservation.  

For your protection, Hidden Gem Travel Consulting strongly recommends that travelers purchase trip cancellation and travel accident insurance.  A plan will be offered after the deposit is made. However, no representation or description of the insurance made constitutes a binding assurance or promise about the insurance.  

If for any reason credit card charges are later declined or reversed, or Hidden Gem Travel Consulting is unable to receive payment for the travel plans and services, this is a binding contract and Hidden Gem Travel Consulting will be entitled to recover interest at the lower of 2.5% per 90 days or the highest rate permitted by law plus the cost of recovery, including reasonable attorney’s fees. 

By paying the non-refundable travel planning fee and/or trip deposit, you have read and accept the Hidden Gem Travel Consulting’s Terms & Conditions on behalf of yourself and your travel companions or group members.  You have the authority to bind your travel companions and group members to this contract.

Hidden Gem Travel Consulting is a small business.  Under no circumstance shall Hidden Gem Travel Consulting (including its Affiliates) be held liable, in the aggregate, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for an amount not covered by its insurance plus its profit on the travel services, by you, or after your companions and your group members, relating in any way to this contract or the travel contemplated hereby.

This contract supersedes all prior discussions and may only be changed or modified by a writing signed by both parties.

This contract shall be interpreted under the internal laws of the State of Connecticut, and shall be litigated in Fairfield County, Connecticut to which jurisdiction the parties consent.

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