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Happy Thursday Hidden Gem Travel community! It’s the last week of April – where has the time gone?? If you haven’t booked your summer vacation yet, the time is past due. Email me now for options as some of my best partners and favorite destinations still have availability for couples and families. 

AND if you have 2024 fall or winter vacations in mind, now is the ideal time to plan for the best options and rates. One recommended (and off the typical tourist’s radar) vacation destination for our colder months is the topic of this newsletter.

During a recent trip consultation with a new client, I suggested Buenos Aires, Argentina which is a city that this client had never considered or knew much about. Why should they (or you) consider Buenos Aires, Argentina now? It’s a great value for a major international city that’s considered the “Paris of South America.” So, if you can’t get to Paris soon due to the Olympics effect, Buenos Aires is a destination dupe.

If you love a city that’s brimming with culture, history, delicious cuisine, and engaging, unique things to do for all ages, Buenos Aires in Argentina is a fantastic choice! Note that Argentina’s seasons are opposite that of the US so it’s a great choice for winter trips, if you can manage the long flight (approximately 11 hours nonstop from New York – versus the 7ish hours it takes to fly to Paris nonstop).

Interest piqued?  Read on for the scoop on my top tips for your upcoming trip to Buenos Aires, a city that combines European elegance with Latin American flair…

Buenos Aires – Three Highlights

  1. Explore diverse Palermo and colorful La Boca districts.

Palermo is divided into smaller areas each with their own personality. The ‘posh’ areas have designer boutiques, gorgeous restaurants, and nightlife. You can also stroll the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden in Palermo, and there’s green space for biking and open air concerts in the summer (our winter).

In contrast, La Boca is a vibrant area with colorful murals and buildings. Travelers can dine in fantastic steak houses, pasta restaurants and see tango shows – all fun!

2.  Wander around Recoleta Cemetery

Like Paris’s Père Lachaise, Recoleta isn’t what you might consider a typical cemetery. You’ll stroll through a maze of graves and mausoleums of the rich, famous, and powerful of Argentina, including the tomb of famous first lady Eva Perón. Remember the broadway show Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber?

3.  Watch and Learn: Tango

Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango, and live tango performances can be seen across the city. The soulful music and intricate footwork make for a unique cultural experience. It’s a passionate dance that’s a must-see experience; if you love to dance, I can arrange a private lesson for you!

💎Hidden Gem Tip: Consider an ocean cruise that begins or ends in Buenos Aires. You can check off a few South American countries in one trip, and I can custom design a pre or post itinerary for you in Argentina.

Delectable Argentinian Food & Wine

Although Argentinian cuisine can satisfy any palate or diet, when in Buenos Aires eat the steak and drink the wine (Malbec specifically). Traditional Argentine foods include homemade empanadas (stuffed savory pastries) and asado (grilled meats) and is influenced by both Spain’s and Italy’s cuisine and cooking techniques. That’s a winning combination.

Asado is Argentina’s national dish based in grilling different meats over an open flame. Meat types include beef, pork, lamb, goat, Chorizo sausage, and chicken. If meat isn’t your thing, you will love the side dishes served with Asado like deliciously grilled vegetables and Provoleta cheese.

Be sure to stroll the San Telmo Market which is a food lover’s paradise with many local delicacies of the sweet and savory variety.

Take a day trip or enjoy an overnight stay at a working ranch called an Estancia where you will also experience Argentina’s countryside and traditional life. Take in a gaucho show where you will witness traditional Argentinian cowboys on horseback over an extensive asado meal. This experience is a hit for all ages!

Add Iguazu Falls or Mendoza

It’s only a 2-hour flight from Buenos Aires to the spectacular site of Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfall system in the world. You can view the 275 waterfalls from the Argentinian side and Brazilian side for the ultimate experience. Alternatively, wine lovers can venture to the Mendoza area (also a 2 hour flight). Explore the vineyards, enjoy exemplary wine tasting, and walk, hike or cycle in the stunning great outdoors of Argentina. Inspired? These are only a few ideas for what you can do and see in addition to a trip to Buenos Aires. Email me now to learn more and start planning.

Wishing you amazing travel adventures,


NEW Section: Travel News You Can Use

💎 Hidden Gem Tip:  Addressing Overtourism – One Example

Did you know that Venice, Italy receives an estimated 30 million tourists each year (the bulk during the peak spring and summer months)? Even in shoulder season, the crowds in the most popular areas are unavoidable. Venice is starting a new step this month to tackle the issue. As a result of what is considered severe overtourism, Venice is planning to reduce the number of day visitors (not the number of tourists that stay overnight) by implementing a tax that will be enforced on specified days. The details are a bit confusing, so check the official website before you plan a day trip – or better yet work with an experienced travel advisor like me who knows Italy and has access to ‘boots on the ground.’ Venice is a dream destination but taking steps to protect it for future generations of travelers is necessary.


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