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Happy Thursday Hidden Gem Travel community! A benefit of working in the travel industry is the nearly constant inspiration for every type of global travel.  From emails to webinars to near and far business meetings, I commit to continual learning so I can share what I glean with you. 

When I was in Amsterdam last month, I was fortunate to spend time in person with a number of travel industry professionals who offer absolutely incredible experiences, that while requiring a significant financial investment, give 100% ROI on memories and your travel bucket list.

Consider your upcoming life milestones worthy of a dream trip…

-A significant birthday or anniversary?


-High school or college graduation?


This week, I share one of these companies that I learned about from a top executive. The travel inspiration is priceless (and free) so read on for scoop…

Exploration, Elevated

Literally and figuratively, TCS World Travel elevates your exploration and offers a once in a lifetime experience, one that is meticulously designed to foster a spirit of discovery. 

TCS grants you exclusive insider access to our world’s most captivating destinations, allowing you to make authentic connections with people, wildlife, cultural treasures, and natural wonders.

Traveling aboard the custom-designed A321 TCS Private Jet makes your journey as immersive and enriching as it is hassle-free. It’s the luxury that comes from exemplary service, comfort and convenience. Nothing is overlooked. 

Scroll down to see examples and the link for more details and 2025 trips…

Kingdom & Cultures

Trace the paths of great explorers and enduring cultures on this extraordinary journey across Europe and Central Asia. Stroll the well-preserved ancient quarters of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, uncover the treasures of the Silk Road in remote Turkmenistan and explore Montenegro’s Adriatic coast. Encounter the histories of old from the Gothic past of Kraków, Poland, to the ancient city of Ephesus. Delve into notable sacred sites such as the painted monasteries of Suceava, Romania, and the Georgian Orthodox cathedrals in Tbilisi on this unforgettable itinerary. London, England • Bay of Kotor, Montenegro • Kraków, Poland • Bucharest and Suceava, Romania • Bukhara, Uzbekistan • Tbilisi, Georgia • Ashgabat & Merv, Turkmenistan • Ephesus & The Turquoise Coast, Turkey • London, England

💎Hidden Gem Tip: If private jet travel isn’t right for you, reach out to me to craft a custom itinerary for your bucket list trip. 

Wonders Of The World + Golf

Visiting the most sought after golf courses around the world is a dream of many passionate golfers!

From the eternal city to the Greek coast, through the wonders of Africa, the Indian Ocean and ancient Egypt, this exclusive journey takes you to some of the finest hidden golf gems in the world. 

Between rounds, spend your nights in exceptional hotels and resorts, dine on the finest cuisine, enjoy exclusive tours of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and travel aboard a private jet on this incredible 22-day tour.

Rome, Italy • Costa Navarino, Greece • Aqaba and Petra, Jordan • Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. • Nairobi, Kenya • Bel Ombre, Mauritius • Chobe National Park, Botswana and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe • Cairo, Egypt

South America Adventure

Experience some of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring places in South America, traveling between destinations by custom-configured private jet. Immerse in the “living biological museum” of the Galápagos, the rugged beauty of Patagonia and the immense Uyuni Salt Flats. Relax in the wine country of Mendoza and discover the urban charms of trendy Bogotá. Miami, Florida • Galápagos Islands, Ecuador • Mendoza Wine Country, Argentina • Patagonia, Chile • Santa Cruz and Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia • Bogotá, Colombia • Miami, Florida


Here’s the link to learn more about the trips TCS offers.  If you think you might be interested in a TCS trip (or a TCS-inspired itinerary), reach out to me to discuss:…

Inspired? Schedule a trip consultation now to get your questions answered and begin the planning process.

Wishing you amazing travel adventures,


NEW Section: Travel News You Can Use

💎 Hidden Gem Tip: Media-Hyped Event Travel

This past week, the travel event most highlighted was seeing the solar eclipse in North America, a rare ocurrence as most often these events are only seen over the oceans.  

Whether you’re looking to travel for a solar eclipse, major sporting event, or even Taylor Swift, a rule of thumb is to book as early as possible.  Prices rise (sometimes to gouging levels) and availability shrinks the closer you get to the event.  

My advice is to look now at 2025 to get a jump on your travel to what will become a media-hyped event.  You’ll be glad you did!  


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