The world’s 4th largest island is… 🏝️

Happy Thursday Hidden Gem Travel community, and May the 4th be with you! This fun play on today’s date brings out the kid (and Star Wars fan) in all of us. If you’d love an extra-special travel experience that will bring out the kid in you (especially animal lovers), I’ll suggest the world’s fourth-largest island, Madagascar!

Madagascar is a vast magical land just waiting to be discovered. Rich in unique flora and wildlife – much of which is found nowhere else on earth – this island has such a wide range of things to see and do as well as many areas to be explored.  

Where is Madagascar?  It’s found off the southeast coast of Africa and is slightly smaller than Texas.

My partners in Africa are offering a new, curated trip that will delight my clients who are looking for something nature-focused and more of a hidden gem destination.

Whether or not you’ve been to Africa already or are looking for a twist on the safari experience, read on for the scoop on an epic trip to Madagascar …

Mantadia National Park

You will visit the primary forest of Mantadia with a private guide for the ultimate wildlife day. There are 108 species of birds, 14 species of lemurs, several species of reptiles, and 84 species of amphibians. The hike requires medium to good physical condition. You will also visit the Andasibe Village, where you can witness the daily life of the calm and colorful village and interact with local villagers.

At nightfall, you’ll pick up headlamps and flashlights for a nocturnal walk in the rainforest of the Voimma Reserve where you can see countless frogs along its crystal-clear river and amazing chameleons. This is also a place to find the unique satanic leaf-tailed gecko.

💎Hidden Gem Tip: Important note – I can send you full details on this trip and a sample itinerary – simply email me back. Itineraries can be designed for families with school-aged children or adults.

Mantadia Lodge

Wondering what type of accommodations you’d stay in? Mantadia Lodge is one example. All rooms offer complete comfort with Wi-Fi, cable TV, panoramic views with a private terrace, an indoor lounge, and a wood stove for the cool season. In the morning, you may be woken by the song of the Indri Indri, these lemurs that can only be seen in Andasibe Park.

The Red Tsingy

You’ll get to see the otherworldly Red Tsingy. A short and easy walk will take you to see this unique geological phenomenon. The erosion of red sandstone resulted in the formation of ephemeral structures carved at the whim of the wind and rain. You will also stop at a viewpoint that will allow you to snap photos over the canyons.

Island and Underwater Exploration

The Nosy Komba Reserve offers a close-up experience with the Black Lemur, as well as chameleons and turtles. 

Nosy Tanikely is a marine reserve that offers impressive snorkeling through the coral reefs. You might even spot some sea turtles. You’ll look forward to a hearty, fresh seafood lunch.

The end of every active vacation is best spent with a bit of relaxation. In Nosy Be, you’ll lounge on sun-kissed beaches, explore the azure ocean boasting natural coral reefs teeming with exotic fish, and see breathtaking sunsets.

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