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On your next escape, choose extraordinary—and choose Hidden Gem Travel Consulting as your guide, from start to finish.

Your Hidden Gem journey will be:


Through my signature consultative process, I work to uncover what makes you and your family tick—your big dreams, your deep interests, your unique way of seeing the world—and then build your experience around that

The result? A one-of-a-kind itinerary packed with monumental sights and hidden gems, hand-picked specifically to appeal to you. This is a vacation that allows you to dive deeper into what truly lights you up.


You won’t be sidelined on your Hidden Gem journey. Instead of just “seeing” the sights, you’ll go behind the scenes, engaging in hands-on activities and excursions so you can experience the full vibrancy of your destination. 

Thanks to my affiliation with Virtuoso, the leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel, I have access to a peerless collection of private tours, expert-led classes, and VIP experiences. I pass that access on to you.


Welcome to a new way to travel—free of headaches, and full of moments that leave you speechless.
Fueled by your interests and unique travel style, your itinerary comes together seamlessly. 

And best of all? You can leave it all to me. Learn more about how I craft your seamless itinerary from start to finish, below.

The Signature Hidden Gem Planning Process

Step One: Consult

We’ll first meet on your complimentary consultation call. We’ll talk about what you’re dreaming of for your next great escape—destinations, timing, budget. But we’ll explore beyond logistics, to tap into your travel desires, dreams, and passions.

And if you’re looking for a long-term partner for your travel planning, we’ll dive deeper into your bucket list. That way, we can start carving out a future filled with new travel discoveries, on a schedule that works for your family.

Step Two: Design

After our call I’ll begin researching. I’ll craft an initial itinerary full of experiences and excursions that speak to your family’s passions—many of which you won’t be able to uncover on your own. Please note that there is a professional planning fee which is based on the amount of time it will take me to research and design your trip, and we will discuss this on our call. 

Once we refine your itinerary together, I’ll take care of every travel booking for you. This includes flights, transfers, hotel rooms and/or cruise cabins, and tours. Want more? You got it. I provide concierge-level service to my clients, which means no detail is too small for me to take care of. Hand off your dining and ticket reservations, activities and excursions, and any other special requests as well.

Step Three: Enjoy!

To help you prepare for a seamless travel experience, I’ll provide you with all your needed travel documents including your detailed, beautifully designed itinerary via a special app. You’ll also receive my contact information, so you can reach out while you travel if you need my assistance (or just want to share your excitement!). 

I’m here to support you on every leg of your journey. And that includes when you come home. We’ll arrange a “debrief” call to talk about your travel experience—what you loved, what you’d do differently, which hidden gems truly wowed you. Your feedback will inform how I plan your next escape, so it’s even more highly tailored to how YOU want to travel.

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