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Greetings virtual travelers! How did you spend Memorial Day weekend?  We worked around our property and grilled some tasty meals when the weather was cooperative. It was a nice weekend but a bit sad since not filled with the typical Memorial Day experiences like our town parade and pancake breakfast, trip to a beach or extended family backyard barbecue. In recent years, we’ve taken the train to New York City for the Fleet Week celebrations, sometimes catching a Broadway show. We enjoyed none of these traditions this year, but the silver lining is those festive activities will be more vibrant and appreciated next year.

My nostalgia prompted me to reminisce about the amazing vacations we’ve taken in past summers which further prompted me to think about future summers.  My travel bucket list, AKA Wanderlist, is long!  The gift of a pause in daily life motivates me to cherish the memories of my past vacations and focus on what I want to do see and experience in the future. 

What destinations and experiences are on your Wanderlist?  What’s on the Wanderlist of your family members or travel companions?  The answers to these questions are the heart of your travel plan.  As a certified Virtuoso Wanderlist travel advisor, I’m often asked two questions by my clients- how to prioritize their long list of dream destinations and how to learn about places and experiences they might not know as yet.  Luckily the answer is easy – the Wanderlist platform and process makes it fun and easy.  Your long wish list becomes a thoughtful plan that reflects the desires of all your travel companions.

New Wanderlist App

Carpe Diem! This rare pause is the ideal time to create your Wanderlist because:

  • Our minds are wandering from past to future as a break from the realities of the present.
  • We are spending a lot of time with our close family members who are often our travel companions.
  • Travel will have a “new normal” once the world opens up again. The combination of having a well thought out plan and a travel advisor at your disposal will help you navigate the new waters and help protect you from unforeseen glitches.
  • Wanderlist is now available as a free App – check it out here Wanderlist App Video
  • This summer, I am offering complimentary brainstorming sessions to anyone who would like to advice on how to best use the App and create their personalized Wanderlist. It’s an incredible value and open to anyone, so I encourage you to share this offer with your family and friends!
  • Need another source? This recent Forbes article agrees:

How can you access the Wanderlist App and sign up for a complimentary brainstorming session?

  1. Download the user-friendly App on your phone, tablet, or computer here: START MY WANDERLIST  – NOTE before you create your account, scroll down and watch the video.
  2. Reply to this email -OR- sign up on the website for your consultation here
  3. Share the love – forward this email to friends so they can experience the process too.
  4. Add me to your Wanderlists so I can provide more information about your destination and experience selections. (Click the + button next to your initials and use my email below).
  5. Questions? Reach out to me directly by email (, phone (203-247-3396) or website (link above). I’m excited to brainstorm and do what I love – talk to you about your travel dreams!

Stay tuned – the content of future newsletters will further inspire your Wanderlist!



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