Giving Experiences – Creating your family’s travel bucket list

I was thrilled and grateful to be included in Good Morning Wilton’s Holiday Gift Guide this year! For those of you who aren’t aware, Good Morning Wilton is an amazing daily news website and electronic newsletter for residents of our wonderful town. Here’s the link to the guide:

Being included in the guide allowed me to highlight Wanderlist®, a new service that revolutionizes the way families plan their travel via Netflix-style technology.  Here’s the Wanderlist Brochure and read on for more details.  


What is Wanderlist?

Imagine having a family bucket list travel plan you designed together! The Wanderlist® Travel Portfolio is a one-of-a-kind, personalized holiday gift that brings your family together in an entertaining activity, combining the allure of Netflix-style technology with a priceless opportunity for family bonding and memory-making.

Giving experiences is a major trend in gift-giving. One Christmas, we surprised our boys with a spring break trip to Spain, and they were over the moon jumping up and down with excitement. We all lived in a state of anticipation for two and a half months, with the added bonus that it gave the kiddos motivation to pay extra attention in their Spanish classes since Mom and Dad took French in high school 😊. If we had Wanderlist, we could have involved our children in the selection of destinations and experiences for future travels, taking full advantage of the less than 12 years of school vacations when they were both free to travel as a family.

Inspired? Check out the Wanderlist brochure here – then schedule a complimentary Wanderlist® consultation: online, email or call/text 203.247.3396.

Hidden Gem Tip: Next Thursday, I’ll be highlighting ALASKA – a destination that is a top Wanderlist destination for families during summer vacation. We experienced this jaw-dropping destination in July, and I promise that it is a must-do for families. If you’d rather not wait, reach out to me now for a complimentary consultation.



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