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Happy Thursday Hidden Gem Travel community!  Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22nd, and sustainable travel is a major trend in the industry.  Do you ponder how to travel with a lower impact on the environment?  In past newsletters, I’ve suggested how you can make small, simple changes when preparing for a trip that will have a positive impact on the planet.  Personally, I always travel with a reusable water bottle and shop for souvenirs (with reusable totes) in places that support the local community and economy.  Easy changes, right?

According to Virtuoso, my umbrella network of global travel advisors, today travelers are increasingly factoring in sustainable tourism practices – defined as travel that is more environmentally friendly, supports the protection of cultural and natural heritage, and provides social and economic benefits to local people.

One of the benefits of traveling more sustainably is that we are supporting the protection of the world’s wildlife.  Regular readers of this newsletter know that I went to Tanzania, Africa to see the Great Migration last November, and it was truly a life changing experience.  I can’t imagine our world where the absolutely incredible wildlife I observed in their natural habitat (giraffe, elephant, wildebeest, zebra, lion, cheetah and many more) don’t exist – it would be beyond tragic.  

Read on for the scoop (and links to short videos) about wildlife conservation around the world…

Protecting the World’s Wildlife

We can learn a great deal from the dedicated conservationists, scientists, and volunteers who dedicate their lives to protecting the world’s wildlife.  At the link below, you can watch a series of inspiring, short videos about wildlife conservationists from around the world:

  • North America (wild buffalo)
  • South America (giant tortoises)
  • Africa (gorillas)
  • Europe (Ibex in the Alps)
  • Antarctica (penguins)
  • Australia (koalas)
  • Asia (baby pandas)

Watch the videos here:  https://inspires.to/s/wm7sO6/earth-day-2023-protecting-the-worlds-wildlife

💎Hidden Gem Tip: If a trip to any of these incredible destinations is on your travel bucket list, let’s talk about the best itinerary for you.  

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