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Happy Thursday Hidden Gem Travel community! Are you excited to get an extra hour of daylight starting this Sunday? The first day of spring is only one week after we turn the clocks back, and we will finally begin to close the doors on winter 2022.

A quick PSA – if you’re thinking about taking a vacation over the December holidays this year, I encourage you to begin planning now. Availability is already getting tight, and it’s the most expensive time of year to vacation in many places. I’m here to help you make it happen!

Moving onto this week’s newsletter topic, we’re getting closer to the start of Spring and cherry blossom season. When I think of cherry blossoms, Washington DC and Japan come to mind. On the top of my travel bucket list is a trip to Japan but not necessarily for Cherry Blossom season as it’s peak season.

Budget at least 8 days for your Japan exploration. I highly recommend private-guided travel and have some fantastic partners that will make your trip seamless and unforgettable. With the language challenges, this is essential for the ultimate trip. In this newsletter, I share a sample itinerary that highlights Tokyo and Kyoto, and their environs.

If you’re interested in Japan and experiencing this incredible country one day, read on for the scoop…

Iconic Tokyo

Tokyo is a city of contrasts between the modern and ancient, so there’s much to see and experience. Iconic sites like the Imperial Palace, the Sensoji Temple, and Meiji Shrine are must-sees.

Asakusa is a charming district in the city where you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to 15th century Japan.

Culinary experiences bring the past to the present day with options for touring the markets of Ueno Park and learning how to prepare sushi in the home of a local.

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Historic Kamakura

Fifty kilometers south of Tokyo is Kamakura, one-time imperial capital of Japan. There you can see over 100 temples and shrines.

The 8th century Hase-dera Buddhist temple complex and 43-foot-tall bronze Daibutsu statue should be a the top of your list.

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Japan’s Stunning Vistas

You can escape the bright lights and crowds of Tokyo with a day of exploring Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park which is the gateway to majestic Mt. Fuji. You’ll ride the longest cable car up Mt. Owakudani and pass over hot springs and rivers as it’s an active volcanic area.

Sail across Lake Ashinoko and ride on Japan’s oldest railway through the stunning landscapes of mountains and valleys.

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Kyoto – Heart of Japanese Culture

Any trip to Japan should include Kyoto, the heart of ancient Japanese culture. There’s much to see and experience including…

Soak in the serene surroundings beginning with a morning meditation before one of Japan’s most important Buddhist sites, Chion-in temple. Later, you’ll join in a special tea ceremony after visiting the ancient Yasaka Shrine.

For an extra special cultural deep dive, spend the night in a temple near sacred Mount Koya and a mountaintop Buddhist monastery. At dawn you can catch the monk’s morning prayers.

Stroll through the famed bamboo grove of Arashiyama where the trees soar to the sky around you.

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