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Happy Thursday travelers!  With Fourth of July weekend a little over two weeks away, I’m feeling nostalgic about our last two Independence week vacations and wishing I had something equally awesome planned.  Last year, we celebrated the 4th in Anchorage, Alaska (more on that VERY unique experience in the next newsletter or so), and the year before we were in Canada. This year, we would have been just back from a two-week trip to the Greek Islands, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Italy (now postponed to 2021), so I had been thinking that we’d stay in the USA but hadn’t solidified the plan when travel came to a sudden halt. 

Now that states are re-opening, I’m pondering an RV experience so we can travel further afar.  In truth, I’ve long considered an RV road trip as an item to check off my travel bucket list AKA Wanderlist.  I’m not sure if I’d like it since I love hotels but I’m intrigued.  So when I had the chance to learn about the process and view some sample itineraries, I jumped at the chance.  In this newsletter, I share what I learned with you and anyone you know who would benefit from my research

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Did you know that the first RV was built in 1910?  When I read that fact, I was surprised.  There was no onboard bathroom of course, but these early RVs were known as “auto campers” or “camping trailers” a century ago.  It seems Americans have a long history with RVs which provided tourists a way to see our beautiful country on their own terms and schedule. 

Amazing Itineraries

There many great reasons to consider taking a vacation in an RV, and right now it’s a very timely thing to do.  What excites me most are the amazing itineraries, including many of our National Parks. Which ones most appeal to you?

  • Arizona (The Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Sedona, Phoenix, and Tucson)
  • Colorado and New Mexico (Denver, Red Rock Canyon, Taos, Santa Fe, White Sands National Monument)
  • The Utah Big 5 (including Zion, Bryce Canyon – pictured above, Arches National Park, etc.)  
  • The Canadian Rockies from Calgary to Jasper
  • Pacific Northwest from Seattle, Bend, Vancouver
  • California National Parks (Yosemite, Sequoia, Joshua Tree)
  • Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota AKA Big Sky Country (the Grand Tetons, Mt. Rushmore) – add in a few days at a ranch as described in last week’s newsletter!
  • The Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine
  • Historic Route 66 Chicago to Santa Monica
  • Washington DC or New York City to Maine (Eastern coastline)
  • Quebec, Canada – Montreal, Quebec City, Tadoussac, and Gaspe Peninsula
  • Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island – the Scotland of Canada

*Note that mixing up your itinerary with a hotel night or two in an extra-special location (or even a ranch experience as described in the last newsletter) is a great way to enhance your vacation.

Which RV?

So now that you’re excited to hit the road, how do you choose the RV that’s right for you? 

Class A – Large, luxury vehicles for up to 5 beds (kids in bunk beds); satellite TV, gourmet kitchen, amenities; can be hard to drive and more limited places to park.

Class B – Compact but cushy – Mercedes and Winnebago.  Sleeps 2-4 people depending upon the model, easy to drive and park, high-end finishes and amenities, a great transport vehicle for long drives.

Class C – Basic not luxurious, up to 4 beds, easy to drive and park, a decent amount of space.

*Please note that we have a wonderful travel supplier who can arrange an RV for you, with a driver or self-drive, and serve a contact for you while you’re traveling should you need on-road assistance.  Peace of mind is key, especially for your first RV trip. 


Finally, below are a few important considerations when considering an RV vacation:

  • Are you OK with driving yourself for long stretches, have back up drivers, or prefer to hire a driver?
  • How do you feel about dealing with waste management and the technical aspects of RV use like hookups?
  • Are you handy if needed in the case of mechanical issues while on the road?  RV companies do everything to ensure that your vehicle is in top condition, but unexpected things can happen.
  • Are you fine with staying in RV parks most of which aren’t scenic or luxe?  Or prefer to stay some nights in a hotel to mix it up?
  • Larger RVs will encounter parking and driving restrictions in some parks and mountainous areas.
  • Will you and your traveling companions enjoy lots of bonding time in an RV 😊?

What do you think – are you intrigued? If so, let me know! 

Hidden Gem Tip:  If your travel bucket list is getting very long (like our hair these days LOL), there is a free travel planning app called Wanderlist that’s fun and easy to do. Reach out for more info! 

Wishing you and your family continued good health,


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