Dreaming of your next real vacation? Here are 4 tips…

Happy Thursday!  I hope you enjoyed reading last month’s newsletter series highlighting 21 amazing places to go in 2021.  I loved writing it – it felt like virtual globetrotting and boosted my happiness 😊

With the arrival of November, it feels good to be closing in on the end of 2020 and focusing forward to a new year.  November’s theme is gratitude, so I’ll keep this idea top of mind in this newsletter and on my social channels throughout the month.  FYI – my three key channels, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, are chock-full of inspiring photos and inspiration and will feed your wanderlust. 

I’m grateful that the travel industry, which has struggled immensely during the pandemic, is starting to see signs of recovery!  I’m currently talking to clients about trips in 2021 and beyond so if you’re thinking about future travel too, I’ll take this opportunity to share some important tips for how you can travel with ease when the time is right to take a much deserved and needed vacation.  Read on for the scoop…

Jet Blue November 2020

Air Travel – focusing on clean and safe

My travel network, Virtuoso, keeps me updated daily on travel news and trends.  The president of Virtuoso, Matthew Upchurch who is a truly inspiring leader, highlighted the recent study out of Harvard that showed that flying isn’t as risky as first thought in terms of germ transmission.  PHEW!  I’ll be keeping a close eye on this research as it evolves.  Check out Jet Blue’s clear and informative video:  ☝️

State and Country Requirements – a moving target

Envision playing darts and the target is moving.  That’s the state of travel right now in terms of state and country entry requirements.  According to Skift, some major organizations are looking for ways to bring travel back with confidence and minimize the ever-changing rules and regulations.  Specifically, they are testing a digital health passport called CommonPass which sets standards for lab results and vaccination records which hopefully will result in easier and safer inter-country and cross-border travel.  Fingers crossed this works and can be implemented quickly and efficiently. 

In the meantime, travel advisors like myself are keeping updated on where you can travel and what the requirements are domestically and globally. 

Cancellation/Change Policies & Travel Insurance – the VIPs of travel today

Transparent and favorable cancellation policies combined with a good travel insurance plan will be one of the VIPs of travel moving forward.  You’re protecting your investment from unforeseen trouble.  And when I say trouble, the possibilities go well beyond COVID.  For example, a colleague had a family hiking out west earlier this year, and one of the travelers broke their leg rather badly.  They needed evacuation from the site and quick transportation home for surgery.  Their travel insurance plan (not the protection benefits you get with your credit card) helped cover the huge expense of those services. 

You just never know what can happen which is why I always offer my clients robust travel insurance options.

Professional Guidance – key to traveling with peace of mind and insider access

You consult with an attorney for legal matters and a wealth advisor for financial advice.  Similarly, a travel professional helps you make the most of two of your most valuable and limited resources – vacation time and money.  Yes, you can DIY through a search engine for a 3-star hotel or Airbnb stay — it’s quick, easy, and low risk if something goes awry.  But if you’re planning an expensive vacation, using a travel professional with insider access and knowledge makes sense.  We not only save you time but give you value for your investment that you can’t get yourself.  Think about it – the reservation that you booked yourself is a one-off.  We have valuable, ongoing relationships with travel suppliers, and they are motivated to VIP our clients and offer upgrades and perks. 

Travel+Leisure magazine recently highlighted the benefits of using a travel advisor, specifically for hotel stays: https://bit.ly/

Dreaming of your next real vacation?  

💎 Hidden Gem Tip:  if you’re dreaming of your next REAL vacation but are feeling understandably overwhelmed, contact me by replying to this email and schedule a complimentary consultation for my professional advice.  I give it readily and happily 😊 

🎁 You may also download my freebie on the ‘Resources’ page of the website for a detailed overview of traveling in the “new normal.”

🍾 Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter which will give some amazing ideas for celebration travel … looking at those with milestone birthdays and anniversaries coming up!  If I do say so myself, it’s very inspiring ✨

Wishing you and your family continued good health,


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