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Happy Thursday Hidden Gem Travel community! August is in the books – it’s September 1st today! What are your plans for Labor Day weekend and the last official weekend of summer 2022? My list includes a beach day, a scenic bike ride, relaxing with friends/family, and some delicious meals with a view. I have trips coming up in the next few months (stay tuned to this newsletter to learn where), so I’ll use this weekend to recharge and relax.

With an extra day off from the usual routine, I have a question for you to ponder – what type of traveler are you and those you travel with? At Virtuoso Travel Week last month, I was inspired by a presentation by Quark Expeditions which suggested that travelers fall into these categories: adventurists, learners, checklisters, or escapists. Of course, most of us are a blend of two or more of these categories, but it’s interesting to consider this framework. Where do you fall?

Read on for the scoop about my take on each traveler type…


As mentioned, these categories were suggested by Quark Expeditions which focuses exclusively on polar experiences and has the “greatest fleet on the frozen seas.” The Quark fleet comprises specially-equipped, small expedition, icebreaker vessels with staff onboard that have a “polar pedigrees.” Have you considered going to Antarctica or the Arctic? Antarctica is particularly “hot” since the reopening for seasoned travelers and adventurists. Pique your interest? See the * below.

Oman hasn’t been on my radar until I met with Six Senses Zighy Bay. Adventurists can opt to check in by paragliding over the mountains to this amazing property on the beach. Escapists should also take note. Hidden Gem Travel clients get some nice perks here too.

*For a short time only, there’s a new cruise line that’s offering “second guest sails free” for 20 Antarctica sailings through March 22, 2023. Book by September 6, 2022. Email me for the full details.

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Learning goals can be achieved on any vacation, but the traveler who prioritizes learning will be motivated by select educational experiences. Hidden Gem Travel clients have a range of specific interests (i.e. photography, history, literature, culinary, marine biology, sport) or want to deeply experience their destinations in a general way.

I have a favorite private tour company that pairs my clients with tour guides that have advanced degrees in their field. For example, when in Florence, travelers interested in a deep dive into the great Medici family will explore key sites connected with this famous family that once ruled the city during the Renaissance.

Alternatively, a tour with a vetted local to find those non-touristy spots and experiences will enhance destination learning. When my local tour guide in Santorini took us to his home in a non-touristy neighborhood, I learned so much about the local life away from crowds. It was special and inspiring.

💎 Hidden Gem Tip: Vetting private and small group tours is a Hidden Gem Travel specialty.


Checklisters are often attracted to ocean cruises. You can experience, although at a relatively surface level, multiple countries or areas in one trip. For example, I’ve been on a few cruises with Silversea, a luxury ocean cruise line that’s typically for adults. Since coming back from the pandemic, Silversea now offers an elevated, door-to-door, all-inclusive experience with airport transfers and sometimes air included. Retirees who are checklisters should also consider a ‘world cruise’ which multiple lines offer.

I’ll reveal that my primary category would be Checklister. Since travel is my business, I always have a prioritized list of places I need and want to see. This is important because my travels inform and inspire my client’s trips. Checklisters like me will revel in Wanderlist, a program offered exclusively by Virtuoso which facilitates making a wish list of destinations and experiences proactively. It’s a fun tool with which you can share ideas and preferences with your traveling companions. Email me to learn more.


With our world being hyper-connected, it can be challenging to craft a true escape. Sri Lanka has had upheaval recently which has leveled out so can be a very special place for travelers looking to escape. I met with new partners who inspired me. Did you know that Sri Lanka is the size of West Virginia? It’s actually an incredible value relative to other destinations offering wildlife (elephants and blue whales), wellness, ancient history, and unique tea and gastronomy experiences. The optimal travel window is December – April so a fantastic option for a winter vacation.

The ultimate Escapist (and Adventurist) trip is outer space – no, I’m not teasing you – I sat in one of the seats! Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is now open for bookings through Virtuoso network travel companies like Hidden Gem Travel. As one of the first leisure travelers to venture to outer space, you’ll be a pioneer while experiencing something so few have: witnessing our beautiful and fragile planet from space. Adventurists should also take note!

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