5 Awesome Benefits to Using a Virtuoso Travel Consultant

Before I became a Travel Consultant, I DIY’d our family vacations.  I loved doing it, including spending hours and days combing the internet doing the research and booking myself.  Overall, our vacations went extremely well, and everyone in my family loved the trips I planned.  BUT I always wondered if I could have found a better option whether it be hotels, tours or experiences and had feelings of FOMO.  And sometimes I booked something and had my fingers crossed not being 100% sure how my choice would go over. 

What I didn’t realize then is that not only could I have benefited from insider information, but I could have received amenities, upgrades, and access to experiences that are “ungoogleable” and would have added incredible value to my vacation, just by working with a travel professional in the Virtuoso Network (see below).  I also didn’t know anyone who took a consultative approach to match my family to the right experiences and destinations; when I did use a travel agent, it felt like a transactional experience like buying a car. 

What is Virtuoso? 

You may have never heard of Virtuoso – it’s the leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel.  You must be invited to join, and I feel honored that Hidden Gem Travel Consulting is included in this prestigious network through our affiliation with Gifted Travel Network. 

So without further ado, below are the top 5 benefits to working with a Virtuoso travel consultant:

  1. Fun factor:  Working with a travel consultant will make your travel planning process much more fun. The consultation is not only inspiring but enjoyable, and you can get the entire family involved if you’d like.  Anticipating the trip is half the fun! 
  • Huge Added Value:  A Virtuoso travel consultant can secure VIP benefits, amenities, access and extras that you can’t get on your own.  We also validate your research and offer insightful recommendations to tailor each trip to your preferences, interests, and budget. 
  • Trusted Resource and Partner:  Your hard-earned, valuable vacation time will be stress-free because you have someone working on your behalf behind the scenes.  We provide a trusted resource whose industry knowledge, global relationships and personal experience add tremendous value – giving you peace of mind. 
  • An Amazing Itinerary App:  Imagine having an App on your phone with your entire itinerary and key travel information at your fingertips while traveling?  An app that will automatically update if your flight details change?  We use this tool to create both proposals and itineraries that are clearly organized by each day of your trip and include photos and resources to make your vacation stress-free.  Everything you need is literally at your fingertips! 
  • Proactive “Wanderlist” Travel Planning: THIS is the key to making your travel dreams a reality!  If you have a list of destinations you want to experience with your significant other, children, and/or extended family, you can now turn it into a plan.  Specially trained Virtuoso travel consultants have access to an exclusive, Netflix-style tool called Wanderlist that allows all members of your family to participate in creating a personalized travel portfolio.  Hidden Gem Travel Consulting is one of the first specialists trained to offer this program.

Of all your life’s priorities, your leisure time is one asset you can’t earn back.  Whether you enjoy being involved in your vacation planning or prefer that someone you trust takes the reins, Virtuoso travel consultants are uniquely invested in making your travels exceptional and tailored to YOU. 

Inspired and excited to learn more?  I can be reached by email susan@hiddengemtravelconsulting.com or phone/text 203.247.3396. 

Hidden Gem Tip:  I offer complimentary consultations in during which we brainstorm your next vacation or discuss if Wanderlist is right for you.  Reach out to me anytime to schedule yours!  BONUS:  here’s a link to the Virtuoso directory “Best of the Best” to inspire you:  https://www.virtuoso.com/publications/BestOfTheBest/Page?guidfilename=f9b097b5-bfe1-4101-a120-a0c7f7ba8c06#page=1  Enjoy!!



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