Multi-Generational Travel Tips and Inspiration

Season’s Greetings – I hope all is going smoothly with your holiday prep. The frenzy is real with less than one week to Christmas Day!

We will be celebrating Christmas with our extended family, and it will be good to catch up on everyone’s lives. Ages range from 11-81 so truly multi-generational.

One topic that’s fun to discuss during holiday gatherings is your travel hopes and plans in the new year.  Do you take vacations with your extended family members?  If so, you are part of a growing trend in the travel industry called “multi-gen” travel.  The options for these kinds of vacations have increased dramatically in recent years and include milestone celebrations, family reunions, and heritage travel

Interested in learning more about multi-gen travel?  Read on for some ideas, helpful tips, and considerations….

Multi-Generational Travel: Options and Tips

Multi-gen travel will be huge in the new decade, and the travel industry is ready to cater to the needs of all kinds of families.  Planning a trip like this can be complicated, but we are here to help make the process fun and easy!  Below are a few important considerations and some options:

Three multi-gen trip types

Cruises:  There are cruise lines that cater to multi-gen trips.  When we were in Alaska this summer, there was a family of 30 experiencing the incredible destination together. We saw them enjoying meals, excursions and onboard activities and having a fab time. They were on level 8 with their staterooms grouped together. If adult-only time is appealing, onboard kids’ activities and spaces can easily make that happen. 

Resorts/All Inclusives:  Family-friendly resorts are fantastic options, and some are all-inclusive which is especially appealing to grandparents who are treating the family. Pre-teen/teen cousins can have fun exploring together within the safety of the property.  These resorts offer a myriad of activities to meet the interests of everyone in the family.  They can be found globally so whether your family loves the beach, mountains or desert, there are plenty of options to consider.

Guided Tours – Private or guided tours are an ideal option for families who want to experience a destination or itinerary together.  They are very popular for heritage experiences where families explore their ancestry.  Popular destinations include Ireland and Italy but can be arranged anywhere with highly reputable in-country tour operators in our network.  If your family has someone who is into genealogy, we will consult with them to customize your experience.   

Important Note:  Your Virtuoso amenities and upgrades will extra valuable when booking a multi-gen trip, and you can receive VIP treatment.

Regardless of the destination and trip type, below are a few important considerations:

*It’s all about balance – you want to meet the needs and desires of a mix of ages, interests, and abilities while finding a destination that’s geographically doable and offers fun for everyone! 

*Mix it up – plan time to do activities as a large group, in smaller groups as well as time apart.  And don’t forget time to just hang out – mix scheduled activities with downtime as a group.

*Villas versus individual rooms – does your family want to be together 24/7 with maximum bonding time or prefer for each family to have their own space?  Some resorts offer on-property villas so that you can be together but still have access to loads of activities and amenities.

* Do you usually vacation together at a family member’s home? Consider taking a break from hosting and suggest an “off-site” experience one year.  A break from routine will make the family gathering extra special and memorable!

Excited to brainstorm about a multi-gen trip for your family?  Reach out for a complimentary consultation to or 203.247.3396. 

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Hidden Gem Tip:  Especially on a multi-gen trip, book a short photoshoot for a high-quality, lasting family memory.  We work with Flytographer and our network properties to find the right local photographer at the right price.



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